Canadians sample UK pork at AHDB virtual tasting event

Canadians sample UK pork at AHDB virtual tasting event

Pork from the UK will be served up in Canada next week during the second in a series of virtual red meat tasting events targeting the North American market.

AHDB senior export manager, Susana Morris.

Organised by AHDB, the two-day event will showcase the exceptional taste of pork fillet and the mini leg joint to a selection of key influencers in the city of Toronto and the surrounding region.

It follows last week’s successful virtual beef launch in the US – which saw shipments of beef from the UK dished up for the first time in more than 20 years.

The pork event starts on Tuesday, with the first online session targeting members of the press, butchers and chefs. On Wednesday, the event will focus on importers, wholesalers and distributors.

AHDB senior export manager Susana Morris said: “The Canadian market is a hugely valuable region for our pork exports and we are delighted to be able to host a second virtual event of our red meat in the North American market.

“The aim is to showcase the exceptional taste and quality of our pork but also to speak directly with potential buyers and influencers about the high welfare standards and production processes here in the UK, which makes our pork even more appealing to the Canadian consumer.”

The event will feature a presentation by Susana, who will discuss the high welfare, sustainability and world-leading food standards operating in the UK. There will also be a butchery presentation by AHDB’s Martin Eccles, before a run through of recipes by AHDB’s food communications manager, Denise Spencer-Walker.

Morris added: “With restrictions on travel due to Covid-19, it is vital that we find ways to communicate and showcase our red meat in key target markets. These virtual events in North America are hugely important and we hope to replicate the success of our beef launch in the US with our Canada event.”

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