EU pig production remains strong

EU pig production remains strong

Pig production in the EU for the second quarter of 2018 is up by 190,000 tonnes (+3%), compared to the same period last year to total 5.8 million tonnes.

According to AHDB, this is a result of increased pig slaughterings, up 3% (+1.8 million head) during the period to total 63.4 million head, and a slight increase (+400g) in carcase weights to 92.2kg.

Pig production in the EU for the second quarter of 2018 is up by 3%.

Production has been up for much of the year throughout Europe and this trend is said to continue.

In the first half of the year, AHDB reports that EU pig meat production was up 4% (+430,000 tonnes) to total 12 million tonnes.

During the period, slaughterings totalled 130 million head, a 3% (+3.5 million) increase on the year.

Increased production throughout Europe in the latest quarter is reported to have been driven by Spanish pig production, totalling 1.1 million tonnes, up 10% (+110,000 tonnes) compared to 2017.

Reports show growth in Polish production also remains positive, up 5% (+26,000 tonnes) to total 500,000 tonnes.

Germany is reported to account for 22% of total EU production during the second quarter, however production was down slightly, by 2% (-30,000 tonnes) to total 1.3 million tonnes.

AHDB says this continues a long term trend of declining production within Germany, with the industry uncertain about the prospects of the sector going forward.

In recent weeks, reports show the EU reference pig price for the week ending 2nd September standing at €152.27/100 kg.

Despite the recent prices rising, the price still remains €18 below the same week of 2017.

AHDB has confirmed that some of the above figures are based on estimations.

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