Opportunity to explore leather technologies

Opportunity to explore leather technologies

Members will have the opportunity to visit the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) on Tuesday 17th February, courtesy of the Institute of Meat.

“The leather industry is a very important sector of the meat industry” says Keith Fisher, chief executive of the Institute of Meat, and keen advocate of the ICLT. “It’s applications opens the doors to endless benefits to the world”.

Keith Fisher

Keith Fisher, Chief Executive of the Institute of Meat, offers his members the chance to learn more about the leather industry.

The Institute is based at the University of Northampton.  Visitors will learn more about ongoing research  and lunch will be delivered alongside live debates with leading experts in the field.  A tour of the tannery and lab facilities will also be provided.

Additional information regarding the location and refreshments will be given to successful applicants nearer the time of the visit.

To apply, contact Mary Fisher on 01525 371641 or e-mail mary.fisher@meattraining.org.uk

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