Print Advert Specifications

Please note: We do not accept Quark Xpress, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Publisher documents.

Adverts supplied as PDFs:

Adverts can be supplied as High Resolution PDF files created using Adobe Acrobat 4 or 5 making sure that all colours are set to CMYK mode. No RGB, LAB, Pantone or special 5th colours can be used within the document, also all images and fonts must be embedded.

Please ensure when using white text on solid backgrounds that the trapping mode is set to KNOCKOUT. We will not take responsibility for text dropping out if this is not done.

Adverts supplied as open files:

Software must be InDesign CS1 to 5, llustrator 9.0 or above, or Photoshop 7.0 or above, including all images and fonts.

Please ensure when using white text on solid backgrounds that the trapping mode is set to KNOCKOUT. We will not take responsibility for text dropping out if this is not done.

All text should be set to paths if working in Illustrator/Photoshop.

All pictures must be high resolution 300dpi, and used at not more than 100% size, otherwise quality cannot be guaranteed.

All pictures and colour files should be CMYK format. We do not accept responsibility for any pictures or materials in RGB format.

On full page adverts, please ensure that all important information is set to a minimum of 12mm from the margin to prevent it from getting lost in the spine.

Any material supplied requiring adjustment will be subject to an extra charge.


Please supply as a 300dpi high resolution file as either a jpeg, tiff or eps. We cannot use web resolution logos.


Email is the preferred method of delivery for advertising material: The maximum file size we will accept via email is currently 10MB. We have a service for the sending of large files (up to 20GB). This can be accessed at; attach your file, enter your email address, any message and click send. A notification of your completed upload will be sent to Yandell Publishing. Please ensure you don’t leave the wetransfer web page when sending your file.

Apple mac compatible CD’s and DVD’s will also be accepted providing they are clearly marked. A colour match should be included and disks requiring returning must be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope.


Copy must be received by the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication.


If you have any queries please contact our Production & Design team. Telephone: 01908-613323, email: Yandell Publishing Limited, PO Box 5122, Milton Keynes MK15 8ZP.

Digital Advert Specification Sizes (height x width):


Meat Management (A4 publication – perfect bound)

Meat Management Awards Brochure (A4 publication – saddle stitched)

Full Page Gatefold

  • Front flap (including 3mm bleed) 303mm x 203mm

Inside of Gatefold (DPS)

  • Left hand side of DPS (including 3mm bleed) 303mm x 203mm
  • Right hand side of DPS (including 3mm bleed) 303mm x 214mm

Half page Gatefold

  • Left hand side (including 3mm bleed) 303mm x 110mm
  • Right hand side (including 3mm bleed) 303mm x 214mm

The Butcher (A4 publication – perfect bound)

  • Type area full page 273mm x 170mm
  • otherwise all as Meat Management

Inserts (A4 publications)

Click here for guidelines

  • Minimum size 148mm x 105mm
  • Closed edge 148mm
  • Maximum size 287mm x 200mm
  • Closed edge 287mm


  • Maximum height 297mm
  • Maximum width 210mm
  • Closed edge 297mm

Bound in inserts and Bellybands

Click here for guidelines

Meat Contacts (A5 publication – perfect bound)

Meatup show catalogue (A5 publication – saddle stitched)

  • Trim size full page 210mm x 148mm – click here for template
  • Type Area Full Page 184mm x 122mm
  • otherwise all as Meat Contacts

Films Online – Digital Editions

Please supply a Windows Media Video or Flash Video, preferably sized to 320px(w) x 240px(h). Alternatively, if you have a company video on DVD, or a film in another format, we can convert it for a nominal fee.