Union backs levy increase to positively promote beef and lamb

Union backs levy increase to positively promote beef and lamb

In his most recent blog NFU Scotland president, Andrew McCornick, is backing a proposal from the Union’s Livestock Committee to raise statutory levy rates on beef and lamb to support promotion and marketing.


NFUS president Andrew McCormick.

He wrote: “There’s never been a more important time to promote our industry and the positive credentials of what we do.”  The committee agreed that it would only support a modest increase in levies on the basis that Scottish Government match funds the increase, boosting the budget to achieve greater impact.  It also looks to the meat processing sector to back an increase in the processor levy for the same purpose.

The president added: “It has been a challenging year for the livestock sector, with estimates of Scottish beef farmgate returns down by £18.5 million from the five-year average.  Although a levy increase would be seen as an additional cost at a time when cashflow is as challenged, we mustn’t shy away from our responsibility to market what we produce.

“Raising the levy would be a clear indication we are willing to help ourselves, that we will reach deeper into our own pockets to market our product, and we proudly stand by the quality and standards around what we do.  We have a fantastic story to tell, but we need to make sure that we have the resources to tell it to the world!”


Read the blog here.

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