AmazonFresh partners with family butcher for festive meat offering

AmazonFresh partners with family butcher for festive meat offering

Online retail giant Amazon has teamed up with one of London’s oldest butchers, C.Lidgate, to offer consumers ‘Golden Geese’ and ‘Medieval Mince Pies’.

C.Lidgate butchers and AmazonFresh have launched a Golden Goose for Christmas 2017. Photo: Simon Jacobs.

By working with fifth-generation family butcher’s shop C.Lidgate in Holland Park, AmazonFresh is now able to stock unique meat-based Christmas products.

Hand selected from Seldom Seen Farm in Leicester, each free range ‘Golden Goose’ comes with 24 carat edible gold leaf, for customers to apply once the bird is cooked and rested. The resulting 4.5-5kg product serves around six people and is available to buy now for £98.50.

Gilding roast birds was a sign of wealth and opulence at 16th century banquets and was a rumoured favourite table centrepiece of Henry VIII.

Danny Lidgate, managing director of C.Lidgate, said: “Rich, buttery and packed with flavour, roast goose is a great Christmas day alternative to turkey. Customers are constantly seeking out food that not only tastes great but also looks great too. What better way to achieve this than by using high-quality edible gold leaf to astonish your guests this Christmas?”

Panos Karouzos, head of local shops & markets, AmazonFresh, added: “By working with a butcher like C.Lidgate, we are able to push culinary boundaries and provide our customers with inventive foodie experiences. Packaged up with 24 carat edible gold leaf, our customers will be able to add a touch of luxury to their festive feasts and truly wow their guests this Christmas.”

AmazonFresh is also working with the butcher to offer meat-filled mince pies serving up to six people for £4.50.

Mince pies now tend to be filled with spiced fruit but were originally packed with meat, including boiled beef and tongue, and were larger in size.

“It was inspiring to be able to cook-up a time-honoured meat version of the mince pie, akin to the delicious delicacies our ancestors would have enjoyed during Christmas centuries ago,” said Danny. “It’s the perfect treat for a carnivore this Christmas.”

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