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Tesco and Sainsbury’s latest retailers to ban disposable BBQs

Tesco and Sainsbury’s have decided to stop selling disposable barbeques, following on from similar action by Marks and Spencer (M&S), Waitrose and Aldi.

Pilgrim’s UK launches lamb business

Pilgrim’s UK has officially launched Pilgrim’s UK Lamb to manufacturer British and Welsh premium lamb products.

“Scotland’s future food policy still not defined”, says NFU Scotland

Writing in his blog, NFU Scotland president Martin Kennedy said that the pace of the work to show the direction of travel for the Scottish food industry is “glacial”, adding that the industry is “desperate to know what is happening.”

Further scientific challenge to anti-meat Lancet report

Researchers from the World Cancer Research Fund International have criticised the findings of the Lancet’s Global Burden of Disease 2020 study, which has been previously critiqued for its assessment of red meat’s impact on diet.

Beyond Meat to cut 4% of workforce amid ‘macroeconomic’ pressures

Plant-based meat company Beyond Meat is announcing a reduction in its workforce  affecting approximately 4% of its global employees as its second quarter trading figures report a loss in profits.

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