Argyll farmers use CalMac ferry route for lamb promotion

Argyll farmers use CalMac ferry route for lamb promotion

Those boarding the CalMac ferry running between Oban and Mull this Friday (June 14th) will have local sheep farmers tempting them with tasty bites of delicious Scotch lamb.

Lamb dishes will also be on the ferry’s restaurant menu and farmers will be on board to tell passengers about the fantastic story of how they produce fresh, tasty lamb in the hills of Argyll and the Islands.

The ferry promotion has been set up by the farmer group Argyll Hill Lamb, who provide lambs to Oban-based food service company Forteiths, who in turn supply the lamb to Caledonian MacBrayne’s ferries.

Argyll Hill Lamb’s Fergus Younger said: “What a fantastic opportunity to remind passengers on this ferry route that sheep farmers in Argyll and the Islands not only produce some of the best tasting lamb in the world, but it’s being reared and sold right here on their doorstep!

“Scotch lamb is amongst the finest in the world and here in the spectacular hills and mountains of Argyll, we believe we produce some of the best.

“When it comes to a product like Scotch lamb, we think it ticks all the right boxes for our customers. It is naturally reared, produced locally, is packed full of nutrition, tastes great and offers great value. It can meet the demands of everyone, whether they need a quick and easy midweek meal or a Sunday roast – Scotch lamb has it all.

“For us as local sheep farmers, the message to shoppers is simple. We believe we are producing a top quality product to very high standards and by giving the passengers a taste, we hope they will keep supporting local farmers by buying a bit more Argyll hill lamb in the future.”

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