Asda apologises after imported lamb sold under UK label

Asda apologises after imported lamb sold under UK label

Asda has apologised after selling imported lamb incorrectly labelled as being born, bred and slaughtered in the UK.

Borders sheep farmer, Sue Sharp purchased a leg of lamb at Asda in Galashiels, having specifically sought out British produce for Easter lunch. However, with the label clearly stating that the lamb had been born, reared and slaughtered in the UK, on unwrapping the leg Sharp discovered a New Zealand health stamp on the meat.

Having written to the chief executive of Asda, Sharp has since received an apology from the retailer, explaining that human error was responsible and that the store’s practices would be reviewed.

NFU Scotland has been discussing the matter with Asda staff this week and will meet with Asda representatives in late April to look at the retailers’ plans for further boosting its growing sales of British and Scottish lamb later this year.

John Armour, NFU Scotland’s Food Chain Policy Manager said: “Asda’s planned review of practices at the Galashiels store is a sensible step and it would be prudent for guidance to be re-issued to its suppliers and all Asda stores across the country to avoid fresh meat being incorrectly labelled in the future.”

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