Assurance logo call for restaurant menus

Assurance logo call for restaurant menus

More restaurants are being called on to include assurance logos for beef and lamb dishes on their menus to help boost sales.

With consumer awareness of traceability and provenance issues at an all-time high due to the horse meat scandal, EBLEX believes that the more information foodservice outlets include on their menus to reassure customers about the traceability of their food, the more they will have confidence in the dishes.

And this could lead to a boost in sales of assured beef and lamb dishes accompanied by the Red Tractor or Quality Standard Mark logos on menus.

Hugh Judd, EBLEX foodservice project manager, said: “Caterers who openly promote the source of their meat supply will only stand to benefit. Consumers are increasingly keen to know more about the production methods behind the food they are eating, as well as its origin, particularly in light of the recent horse meat scandal.

“Red Tractor beef and lamb is traceable from the farm right through to the point of purchase, providing provenance and total product integrity. The scheme covers farm assurance and quality standards throughout the supply chain. The Quality Standard Mark also includes standards on animal age, carcase specifications, maturation, eating quality and care for the environment.

“Farm assurance is a prerequisite of the scheme, with strict standards that cover welfare, veterinary medicines, feeds and care for the environment. Welfare standards also extend to the abattoir, as stressed animals will provide tough or poor quality meat. The scheme standards state that animals must be handled and cared for by professional, trained staff.”

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