Aubrey Allen increases Apprentice Butcher intake for 2017

Aubrey Allen increases Apprentice Butcher intake for 2017

Coventry-based butchers Aubrey Allen has held an Apprentice Welcome day at its academy, after having added five new apprentices this September.

Aubrey Allen apprentices.

Showcasing its increased apprentice butcher intake for the year, Aubrey Allen welcomed the five new students who were added into its business this September.

Michael Perkins, European Butchery Champion, and Mick Jackson, lead demonstration butcher for Aubrey Allen, headed up the day, with Perkins commenting: “We are really excited to be giving these five young people a chance for a great career.

“Once they have finished their apprenticeship there are so many opportunities within the business as we are committed to continual training and helping people to achieve their full potential.”

Lucianne Allen, sales director and former chair of the Trailblazer Apprenticeships for the industry added: “Apprenticeships benefit both the student and the business and we are committed to improving skills and opportunities in our industry.

“September 14th may only be day one for the trainees but we know from our long service awards last year that it is likely to be day one of a career with us spanning over ten or even 20 years! Staff tend to stay and enjoy the family atmosphere as well as the bacon sandwiches and product tasting.”

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