Bangers boost for school meals

Bangers boost for school meals

New Government rules mean sausages can now be served more often in both primary and secondary schools.

This move is good news for the pig industry says BPEX Foodservice Manager Tony Goodger who was involved in the consultation process.

Do you make the Foodservice sausage of the year?

Change in rules means sausages can now be on school menus more often.

The old rules only allowed sausages to be served once a fortnight but they can be on the menu once a week in primary schools and twice in secondaries.

Goodger said: “I gave evidence as part of the consultation and have conversations with those behind the new rules to put the industry’s position.

“There has also been another change in that the rules now define exactly what constitutes meat and poultry which will also be to our benefit.”

Ministers made the announcement for food in state schools, which will apply from January 2015.

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