Bill Gates blog mirrors Meatup seminar themes

Bill Gates blog mirrors Meatup seminar themes

In his latest blog billionaire (and reformed vegetarian) Bill Gates addresses several of the topics to be addressed at the Meatup and Food Science & Technology Show seminars later this summer.

Should meat consumption be reduced? and Has meat consumption peaked and if so what can we do about it? will be addressed by Professor Ralph Early and Professor David Hughes.

Roast beef remains the favourite beef dish for those aged 55 and over.

The production and consumption of meat are frequently attacked as being unethical, unhealthy and environmentally disastrous. Teasing out the facts from the fiction is not easy, yet national food security demands that we learn to separate the truths from the myths.

Meat Management editor, Pamela Brook said: “This is a subject and a question that is going to stay at the top of the political, ethical and ultimately consumer agendas even after the general election. The meat industry is a part of that and it’s great to see leaders such as Gates shining a light on the issue.

“We may not agree with all he has to say but it’s good to see that Meatup is offering a platform for that debate to be aired and addressed. I’m convinced that those who take the time to come along will have some thought provoking ideas and issues to take back to their businesses.

“It’s free and I’d urge as many readers as possible to get the dates in their diary and register here.”

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