BMPA reacts to criticism around gas stunning of pigs

BMPA reacts to criticism around gas stunning of pigs

The Daily Mail Online has published a piece reporting animal welfare campaigners’ claims that gas stunning of pigs prior to slaughter using CO2 causes “severe distress.”

Stephen Rossides of the BMPA told Meat Management: “Gas stunning using CO2 is legally permitted and is generally regarded as best available practice when carried out and monitored correctly. According to the Humane Slaughter Association, ‘For large operations with high throughput rates, this is often the most reliable slaughter method for ensuring consistency in terms of good welfare and quality. Although the inhalation of carbon dioxide is aversive, overall controlled atmosphere stunning may have some welfare advantages.’

“The industry places huge importance in achieving high animal welfare standards using recommended best practices. Where new stunning methods with proven benefits are developed, these will be adopted.”

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