Boar’s Head Ceremony returns for 2022

Boar’s Head Ceremony returns for 2022

After a three-year break due to Covid-19, the Worshipful Company of Butchers’ (WCB) annual tradition of The Boar’s Head Ceremony returned to the streets of the City of London. 

The Master leads the Livery in the procession from Butchers’ Hall.

The ceremony dates to 1343, when the presentation of a Boar’s Head was agreed in payment for a parcel of land acquired by the Butchers Company. It usually takes place each November, shortly after the new Lord Mayor has taken up their year of office, but was postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The tradition upheld by the Livery involves a procession from the Butchers’ Hall to Mansion House. The 2022 procession was led by this year’s Master, Margaret Boanas.

Upon reaching the Mansion House the party of butchers and guests were invited into the building, where the Lord Mayor officially received the Boar’s Head. At the ceremony in Mansion House the meat is sliced off the head and served to all attending.

More information on the day’s proceedings can be found on the WCB’s website.

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