British Pie Week to highlight growth of pie sales

British Pie Week to highlight growth of pie sales

British Pie Week commenced on 6th March and the latest industry figures reveal that the public’s love of pies is only on the increase.

It has been reported that Brits spend more than £1 billion on pies every year, with pork pies being a firm favourite.

Pork Farms Branston Pickled Topped Pork Pies.

In 2016, the nation spent £165.3 million on the pork pie, a £4 million rise since 2015.

Michael Holton, brand marketing manager of Pork Farms, a pork pie manufacturer, said: “It has been another incredible year for pork pie sales and it’s clear that the humble pork pie remains firmly in the affections of the nation.

“Brits are returning to traditional familiar foods and recognising the heritage and quality that a Pork Farms pie offers.

“However we aren’t standing still in the pork pie world, as tastes are changing and Brits are demanding more from their pork pies, looking for more unusual flavours and pairings as well as traditional options. Our Branston Pickle topped pies in particular have been a huge hit as a result.”

According to research by Toluna, commissioned by the organisers of British Pie Week, around 75% of us eat a pie once a month. There is also a variation in this according to location.

In the South, only 8% eat more than four pies a month, and 11% in the north. Whereas, in the midlands and Wales it’s 20% and in Northern Ireland 33%.

Holton added: “Demand for snack products and food on the go is on a rapid increase, with the average Brit snacking more than three times a week.

“This is driving pie sales with shoppers looking for more high protein, substantial options for snacking and I can only see British pie eating continuing to grow!”

In the spirit of British Pie Week, if you’re a pie manufacturer or retailer, there’s no better time than now to enter your products into the Meat Management Industry Awards in the Britain’s Best Meat Pie category. Entry is free and can be completed online by clicking here. For more information on the awards, contact awards organiser Emma Cash on 01908 613323 or email

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