Clear commitment made by retailers to Scottish produce following 2 Sisters decision to restructure

Clear commitment made by retailers to Scottish produce following 2 Sisters decision to restructure

A clear commitment has been made by retailers to Scottish produce following the 2 Sisters Group’s decision to restructure its operations.

NFU Scotland is to meet with growers from Letham who will be affected by the restructuring of the 2 Sisters business in Scotland and a planned change of focus and ownership at Letham.

The meeting, taking place on Monday 2nd December, is open to growers who have been affected by the 2 Sisters Food Group announcement and the termination of supply contracts.

The announcement, regarding the outcome of the first stage of its review, has prompted the Union to speak to various parties, including the 2 Sisters Food Group, Scottish Government and 2 Agriculture.

NFU Scotland has triggered an ongoing dialogue with affected members and linking up with key partners including 2 Sisters Food Group, retailers and the Scottish Government.

Last week NFU Scotland wrote to the country’s major retailers to urge them to make a strong commitment to source more chicken from Scotland.

NFU Scotland’s President Nigel Miller commenting on the current situation said: “The Union has concerns that producers’ groups are in a position of uncertainty, and it is a significant blow given the level of investment driven into these businesses in recent years and can only undermine the confidence in the sector. The termination of contracts and the reduced price per kg linked to any future supply can only erode both profitability and trust.

“There seems to be some disconnection between what retailers are saying and what the firm is saying. There is a clear commitment clear commitment to Scottish product and a real expectation of growing demand.

“We will be continuing to seek retailer input as to how shelf space for Scottish chicken can increase. It appears that limitations on the provision of cut portions may be a weakness in the present Scottish offer.”

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