Cold turkey as one in six Brits don’t eat turkey?

Cold turkey as one in six Brits don’t eat turkey?

According to research from independent shopper reward app, Shopitize, turkey may be losing its crown as king of Christmas dinner with one in six families admitting they were not going to be topping their festive table with a turkey at Christmas.


  • The survey into festive fare revealed that nearly half of Brits (43 per cent) don’t like turkey and only eat it to keep up with Christmas custom.
  • For those wishing to breaking with tradition, chicken topped the list of turkey alternatives, with around half of respondents (46 per cent) plumping for poultry.
  • Over a quarter (27 per cent) opted for beef, whilst 12 per cent will be having lamb.
  • Pigs in blankets came top in a poll of Christmas dinner favourites, with over three in ten (32 per cent) saying this festive staple was their highlight on the big day.
  • However, it seems the nation’s love affair with bacon wrapped sausages is seasonal, with over seven in ten (74 per cent) of those surveyed saying they only eat them during the festive period.

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