Cubs visit KQF factory

Cubs visit KQF factory

British halal food manufacturer KQF recently played host to 30 members of the Blackburn-based Abu Hanifah Foundation Cub Scouts Group.

Children try their hand at sausage making.

Children try their hand at sausage making in KQF’s manufacturing facility. “It was a pleasure to welcome the cubs to our factory,” said managing director, Faruk Vali.

The cubs were welcomed by managing director, Faruk Vali, who explained the company’s work and conducted them on a tour of the factory floor.

One of the main reasons for the children’s visit was to learn about the importance of health, safety and food hygiene to food manufacturers. They saw how workers prepared to enter the production area, the protective clothes they wore and the equipment they used to prevent food contamination.

Production staff emphasised how important it was for a food manufacturer to gain accreditations for quality assurance and explained the processes that KQF had to follow in order to retain its Grade ‘A’ rating under the British Retail Consortium’s quality standard for food.

“It was a pleasure to welcome the cubs to our factory,” said Faruk Vali. “It’s good to have a chance to show children around and to demonstrate how seriously food companies take matters like hygiene and safety. We showed them all the production processes and how the food itself was made. I think what they enjoyed most was being invited to make their own sausages and kebabs.”

After trying their hands at food manufacture, the scouts completed their tour by receiving a ‘goody bag’ containing the polonies, kebabs and sausages they had made.

“We were delighted to be invited to visit the KQF Factory,” said Cub Scout Leader Sazeda Patel. “There were KQF burgers and sausages to eat at the last few scout camps that the Abu Hanifah Foundation Cubs attended, so it’s great that they had the opportunity to visit a local place of interest and see how they were made.

“The cubs had great fun learning about basic food hygiene and how the meat is processed. They also had the opportunity to be creative and make their own products! All the cubs had a fantastic day and we are extremely grateful to KQF for giving us this opportunity.”

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