Defra Beef Summit highlighted industry challenges, says NFU

Defra Beef Summit highlighted industry challenges, says NFU

The DEFRA Beef Summit has identified the challenges that face a sustainable beef industry, but now action is needed to make it happen, said the NFU.

The NFU’s calls for a voluntary code of practice concentrating on notice periods and transparency of terms and conditions were recognised during the Summit. NFU President Meurig Raymond said the details of this code of practice now needed to be clarified between the trade and the NFU in a matter of weeks before reporting back to the Minister.

“This code is a positive step forward and something that we’ve been calling for. We will also hold further discussions with the trade on the transparency of abattoir charges because our members regularly contact us on this issue,” said Mr Raymond.

Other challenges laid down included extending the use of the voluntary code on clear country of origin labelling for processed food to the food service sector, backing up the  work already being done by Assured Food Standards and its ‘made with’ Red Tractor logo in supermarkets.

Charles Sercombe, NFU livestock board chairman, added: “We must increase demand for our product and we’ve said to retailers that they need to actively promote Red Tractor-assured British beef. I’m pleased that at the Summit, retailers acknowledged the importance of clearly, unambiguously and accurately promoting British beef.”

DEFRA gave the NFU an assurance that it is actively investigating export markets with the levy bodies, with potential prospects in Japan and the longer term China. The use of PGI status will be important here in promoting British beef abroad.

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