Defra survey requests industry feedback on Co2 shortage

Defra survey requests industry feedback on Co2 shortage

Defra is gathering information to establish how individual businesses who use Co2 are affected in the gas market using what it describes as a ten-minute survey. The deadline to participate is 3rd October 2022.

Major producer CF Fertilisers UK announced in August that it would temporarily halt ammonia production at its Billingham site due to market conditions, and Billingham is currently still not producing gas.

In the survey introduction Defra explains that the study will be used for “fact finding” and helping it better understand the sector. Aggregated findings will then be used to “brief” senior Officials and Ministers but “not used for decision making.”

Defra plans to share a summary of findings with sectors involved following the analysis and this will depend on it receiving enough responses.


In a statement, The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) said Ensus UK is expected to resume production of Co2 around 10th October “which will further relieve pressure on supplies.”

AHDB explained that the high price of Co2 is “attracting more players into the market who can capture the gas as a bi-product of their manufacturing processes.”

It added: “as alternative sources come on stream, it will change the Co2 supply landscape and hopefully make it more secure, so crises like this are less likely to happen in the future.”

To participate in the survey click here

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