Delays to HFSS promotion restrictions confirmed

Delays to HFSS promotion restrictions confirmed

In a statement, the government has said it will delay the introduction of restrictions on advertising of foods high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS), due to “unprecedented” challenges facing the food supply chain.

Economies across the world have been affected by higher-than-expected global energy and goods prices, leading to increased costs across supply chains which are affecting both businesses and consumers.

According to a government release, restrictions will be delayed to allow the food industry more time to prepare for the restrictions on advertising. However, rules limiting the location of allegedly “unhealthy” foods in shops will go ahead as planned in October 2022.

Rules banning multibuy deals on foods and drinks high in fat, salt, or sugar (HFSS) – including buy one get one free (BOGOF), ‘three for two’ and restrictions on free refills for soft drinks – will be delayed for a year.

The restrictions banning HFSS adverts on TV before 9pm and paid-for adverts online will also be paused for a year, it has been announced, meaning they come into force in January 2024.

The Food and Drink Federation’s chief scientific officer Kate Halliwell welcomed the news: “At a time when both families and our manufacturers are struggling with high inflation, it makes sense to delay the restrictions on volume promotions for everyday food and drink products, including breakfast cereals, ready meals and yoghurts, as it risked further stretching already pressed household budgets.”

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