Does voting help you waste less food?

Does voting help you waste less food?

As the country goes to the polls, the latest Food Science & Technology Show blog asks a pertinent question: ‘Does voting help you waste less food?’

In his blog, Steve Osborn, one of the speakers in a packed seminar programme said: “We have something of an issue in the UK. We are suffering from a western disease; being fat and wasteful. It may be surprising to consider that these seemingly separate issues are driven by the same fundamental factors which can be described by Engels law. This states that the proportion of income spent on food decreases as a country’s wealth increases. This has played a big part in the devaluation of food, which is leading to food wastage. When the impact of Engels law is combined with Bennet’s law, the social phenomena of wealthier countries switching the diet from starch to protein rich diets, it exacerbates the wastage issue. One of the main causes is that the relative shelf life of the weekly shop is reduced.”

Click here to read Steve’s blog in full.

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