Dunbia to close Felinfach facility after lease terminates

Dunbia to close Felinfach facility after lease terminates

Having received notice from its landlord of the termination of the lease at its facility in Felinfach, meat processor Dunbia will be ceasing operations at the rented location from this May.

Dunbia has announced it will be closing its Felinfach branch.

The company has completed a consultation process with the plant’s employees, during which it offered alternative full-time employment to all of the site’s 141 staff.

As a result of the closure, 107 staff will be transferring to the company’s other plants in Wales.

Staff transferring will receive a support payment in recognition of the disruption caused by the transfer and a shuttle service is being planned.

The remaining 34 staff who have chosen not to relocate have now been put on notice of redundancy.

Commenting on the announcement Helen Rees, Dunbia HR director, said: “We currently employ over 1,100 staff in Wales between our three facilities, and despite the closure of Felinfach we expect that this number will be higher in 12 months’ time as we continue to invest in growing the business.

“The closure at Felinfach is due to circumstances beyond our control, and we have made a significant effort to offer staff alternative employment options and to support them through this transition.

“We are delighted that the majority of the Felinfach employees have opted to remain with the company – we would have preferred to have retained all staff in the process, but we understand the change does not suit all employees for their own personal reasons.”

Dunbia is a joint venture between Dawn Meats and Dunbia, that was announced in May 2017, which combines 15 facilities across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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