EBLEX emphasises importance of product integrity

EBLEX emphasises importance of product integrity

EBLEX has reiterated that with traceability and origin of meat products coming under the spotlight once again, it’s more important than ever to ensure beef, lamb and veal is sourced through an assured supply chain.

In addition to specifications for beef and lamb, the the EBLEX Quality Standard Mark Scheme also includes specific requirements for mince and burgers labelled as Quality Standard. The key requirements specify that beef mince must contain a maximum of 20% fat (as measured by chemical analysis using British Standard methods), approximately equivalent to beef having overall 85% visual lean prior to mincing and it must be 100% beef with no added water, additives, fillers o rother ingredients.

In the case of burgers, no meat other than beef may be used, the beef used must be of a quality such that it would, if minced, satisfy the requirements of the EBLEX Quality Standard Mark for beef mince and the minimum beef content of the burger is 70%.

Laura Bishop, EBLEX marketing manager (Quality Schemes), said: “With traceability a particularly hot topic at the moment, customers will increasingly be looking for assurance and origin indicators on packaging and menus. Any business which is sourcing Quality Standard Mark beef or lamb and registered to our scheme (which is free of charge) can use the scheme logos on packaging, menus, website or marketing literature to offer customers the reassurance that the meat used in their burger has been sourced from a totally assured, independently inspected supply chain.”

For further information visit www.eblextrade.co.uk or call the scheme Hotline: 0845 491 8787.

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