EBLEX highlights modern sheep genetics on the world stage

EBLEX highlights modern sheep genetics on the world stage

A record breaking number of six sheep breeds were represented on the joint EBLEX and British Livestock Genetics stand at the major Eurotier show.

Eurotier, the largest specialist show in the world, attracted 156,000 professionals from the livestock sector to its 2,340 stands. The event in Hanover provided a platform to illustrate the top quality sheep breeds present in the UK to producers worldwide.

Jean-Pierre Garnier, export manager for EBLEX said: “Eurotier is a major event for the world’s livestock sector, where the UK’s strengths in sheep breeding must be represented.

“We not only have the tradition of sheep breeding but also now provide the performance of modern genetics. As meat breeds these are designed to produce tender, flavoursome and succulent lamb for dinner tables across the globe.”

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