EBLEX to conduct new research into halal meat market

EBLEX to conduct new research into halal meat market

New research into the Halal meat market has been commissioned by EBLEX after the 2011 Census revealed a significant rise in the Muslim population.

It is aimed at providing further insight into the needs and purchase drivers of Muslim consumers, given the effect the growth of the community is likely to have had on the demand for Halal lamb and beef.

The Office of National Statistics 2011 Census highlighted a 1.2m growth in the Muslim population in the decade since 2001, making it the second largest religious group in England and Wales, representing 2.7m people or 4.8 per cent of the population.

EBLEX’s research – due to take place during March – follows its 2010 publication ‘‘The Halal Meat Market: Specialist supply chain structures and consumer purchase and consumption profiles in England’. It will look at issues including how and where Muslim consumers shop for meat, which species and cuts they buy most frequently and what influences the decision of where to shop.

Chris Leeman, trade sector manager for EBLEX, said: “Our latest research is something we committed to carry out once the information from the 2011 Census was available in order to update our 2010 publication.

“The Halal meat market is a multi-million pound contributor to the British economy and, given the growth of the Muslim population within England and Wales over the past 10 years, it’s an area that abattoirs, butchers, processors and retailers can’t afford to overlook.

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