Eighth shop for London butchers

Eighth shop for London butchers

The Ginger Pig has announced that it will be opening its eighth butcher’s shop in London later this year.

The shop will be located in Wanstead High Street, North East London, and will take over the site on Clock House Parade after the previous butcher of 90 years closed.

The refurbishment will include a vast seasonal shop window to display hanging joints, dry aged beef ribs and other cuts throughout the year.

The Ginger Pig already has seven shops all over London.

The Ginger Pig already has seven shops across London.

Tim Wilson, owner of The Ginger Pig, chose to take on the shop after hearing that the local butcher had closed, resulting in the area no longer having an independent meat retailer.

The area already has its own independent bakery, grocer and fishmonger and when Tim spoke to local residents and shop owners, he made his decision.

Tim explained: “I started farming because I bought an old farm house which felt sad and empty without animals, so I ended up getting a few, which then became the start of the Ginger Pig. Similarly, Wanstead High Street feels incomplete without a butcher’s shop and I felt a sense of responsibility to restore what was suddenly missing in Wanstead.

“To have a fishmonger, grocer and baker without a butcher seems bonkers. It’s very important to me that the presence of the local butcher in villages, towns and even cities is preserved and encouraged, so I’m very much looking forward to opening Ginger Pig Wanstead later this year.”

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The company prides itself on having livestock that is looked after well in the field and focuses on good animal husbandry.

Much like the company’s previous shops, the new addition will concentrate on quality fresh meat from native breed animals reared naturally, slowly and from farms employing the highest welfare practices.

It will also sell the Ginger Pig’s signature sausage rolls, pates, pies, homemade chutneys, preserves and jellies and ready-made dishes such as lasagne.

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