Event to drive pig industry innovation

Event to drive pig industry innovation

The BPEX Innovation Conference is being billed as a must for forward-thinking business owners, farm managers, vets and the allied industry in the English pig sector. This new conference format will focus on two priority areas, pig buildings of the future and enhancing breeding performance.

It will feature the latest research findings, innovative technologies and management techniques presented by technical experts and pig producers from the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands, on 18th June 2013 at Stoneleigh Park, starting at 11am.

To give an insight into the pig buildings of the future, BPEX has asked a range of building and material experts to design the ultimate pig building, based on the latest technologies from around the globe. The aim is to make the most effective use of resources and provide the optimum environment to help manage pig health and performance, which will help secure longer-term business competitiveness.

BPEX head of knowledge transfer Andrew Knowles says: “In the Breed+3 session of the conference, we will be drawing together the latest innovations in breeding herd management to help producers wean more piglets per sow. We know it is both possible and necessary to increase breeding herd productivity.”

To register for the event, book online at www.bpex.org.uk/news/events/innovation/ or email clancy.smith@bpex.ahdb.org.uk

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