F.A. Gill Ltd adamant it supplies British pork

F.A. Gill Ltd adamant it supplies British pork

Following the announcement on the BBC Radio 4 Farming Today programme about the mislabelling of pork chops F A Gill Ltd says it has proven it has only ever supplied British pork.

The results of isotope testing, on its own on-site slaughtered pork, when independently sampled, was shown scientifically to be 100 % British.

Charles Gill, director of F.A. Gill Ltd said: “We know that this will re-assure our customers that not only is pork from Farm Assured pigs killed in Wolverhampton 100 % British, but it also demonstrates the integrity of the hard working pig farmers and skilled butchers here in England.”

The company has a BRC A-grade accreditation and says it has co-operated with industry bodies and other partners in the supply chain to allow unrestricted access to its premises on numerous occasions that has emphasised the integrity of its processes for the production of British Pork.

Separately, the business confirmed that it is not currently supplying Pork to Tesco, but is confident that by working together it can swiftly restore that relationship so that its British Pork can go back onto the shelves. Gill continue: “F.A. Gill Ltd has supplied Cranswick for more than 20 years with an unblemished record and our documentation proves that only whole British pork is ever supplied to Cranswick. It is standard industry practice to have a full time independent FSA vet on site at all times and it is impossible for foreign meat to enter the process at any time. Both Tesco and Cranswick have observed our production process, as recently as the 10th of September and have themselves seen that it is impossible for foreign meat to enter our British pork supply chain.”

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