February saw pig meat production decline

February saw pig meat production decline

Following industry’s concerns about pig supplies Defra data shows that in February production went below 800,000. Figures have not been below this level since May 2020.

In February 2023 the number of clean pigs slaughtered was 762,000, the lowest recorded mothly figure since May 2014. Throughputs declined by 11% compared with January and down 17% year-on-year.

AHDB reported that sow and boar kill also fell 11% in February compared to January with numbers totalling 16,200 head. This is the lowest monthly number recorded since October 2021 and 25% below the 5-year average for February. Although the breeding herd contracted in June (AHDB said it was still waiting for the latest UK December population figures) monthly kill figures for sows and boars have averaged 19,300 head (Jul22-Jan23). The lower kill in February may indicate that some producers are beginning to hold onto breeding stock to tentatively rebuild their herds.

The industry continues to wait for the Supply Chain Review from Defra.

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