France bans “meaty” labels on plant-based products

France bans “meaty” labels on plant-based products

The French Government has decreed a list of “meaty” names have been banned from being used on plant-based food labels.

France banned the use of words like “steak”, “escalope” and “butcher” from being used to describe plant-based foods.

Following the implementation of the decree, businesses will have three months to change the labelling on their plant-based products. Additionally, companies will have a year to sell products featuring “meaty” labelling.

However, for products manufactured or marketed outside of France, there are exemptions to the ban.

The decree, which was published Monday 26th February 2024, stated that any breach of its terms would be “punishable by an administration fee”. For individuals, this amounts to €1,500, and for businesses this will be €7,500.

Prohibited terms include steak, sirloin, fillet, escalope, ham and butcher.

This comes as Belgium announced in January that it would allow the use of “meaty” labels on plant-based foods.

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