GB deadweight cattle prices at “historical high” through September

GB deadweight cattle prices at “historical high” through September

September cattle prices have remained strong, with GB deadweight cattle at an “historical high” level, according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

GB deadweight cattle prices moved upwards in September with an increase in the average price for all prime cattle of 3.1p, compared to the previous month. Estimated GB cattle slaughter remained relatively steady in September, with prime cattle slaughter up 0.9% compared to August.

Following the usual seasonal trend, cull cow prices eased in September, however cull cow slaughter numbers increased over this time. Cull cow prices were down 1.8p compared to the previous month, as slaughter figures grew 8.5% compared to August.


Cull cow slaughter remains 3% behind numbers recorded at this same point last year, and 4.5% behind the 5-year average, and cull cow prices were 63.1p above what was recorded in September 2021.

AHDB report that GB deadweight cattle prices have reached an “historical high”, sitting 27.1p above the prices recorded the same time in 2021, although year-to-date deadweight cattle slaughter figures are down 0.7% in comparison to the same period.

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