Government backs long term future for food production in the UK

Government backs long term future for food production in the UK

The Government has recognised the strong desire of the British public to buy British food and the need to secure a long term future for food production in this country, according to the NFU.

The NFU’s comments are in response to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) report ‘Food security: demand, consumption and waste.’ The government has promised to work with the industry to make it easier for consumers to buy British food and consequently compulsory country of origin labelling for pork, poultry, lamb and goat meat is to be introduced in April.

“This is a timely, welcome and sensible response from the Government, which clearly recognises that more must be done,” NFU head of policy, Andrea Graham said of the Government’s backing.

In February, the NFU revealed disturbing figures relating to the UK’s self-sufficiency in food. According to the report, just 53% of the nation’s food needs will be produced from home farms in the next 25 years, leaving potential, serious implications for the British economy, food security and employment.

Graham added: “We are pleased that it has recognised the need to allow our industry to take advantage of emerging technologies to extend the British growing season for horticulture; the importance of promoting our world class products to consumers; and that consumers must be given better labelling so they can make more informed decisions about what they buy, especially when they have told us they want more British food on their plates. False, misleading and confusing labels simply serve to undermine consumer confidence.”

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