Graeme Lowe, NZ meat industry pioneer dies

Graeme Lowe, NZ meat industry pioneer dies

UK born meat industry pioneer and philanthropist, Graeme Lowe, founder of Lowe Corporation has died, aged 77.

Lowe, founded the New Zealand based animal by-product processing and marketing company was involved in meat processing, tanning, fellmongering and rendering for over 40 years. Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne Lowe went to New Zealand when he was 23. His meat industry career began in 1964, when he bought Dawn Meat with two partners. He went on to build more meat processing plants than any other individual in New Zealand and was hailed as the driving force behind technological and processing innovations, including the first single-storied, low-cost meat plant and the commercial use of low temperature rendering.

He built the first EU-licenced hot-boning plant in the world and it is widely believed that hot-boning technology has saved the New Zealand meat industry hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Just two weeks ago he was inducted into the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame for his contribution to the meat industry.

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