Handtmann invests €7 million in second customer centre

Handtmann invests €7 million in second customer centre

Handtmann has announced a €7 million investment in a second customer forum centre in Biberach, Germany, as part of its strategy to address the market need for modern technology and customer service.

Handtmann’s forum centre.

The new site will cover an area of more than 4,000 square metres and will provide new equipment in food production, with a focus on meat and bakery goods.

The purpose of each site will be to give customers the opportunity to work with the company’s specialist and equipment to test the manufacturing of their products.

In addition, the Handtmann customer forums will work with partners in industry areas, such as ingredients, packaging solutions, industry seminars, trial programmes, recipes and joint practical tests.

The conference and training rooms will also be equipped with the latest in media technology and both forum centres will encourage discussion and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Finally, the new customer centre will provide in-house technical and application engineering training courses, which will be tailored to specific requirements.

According to Handtmann, the goal of these sessions will be to put customers in the best possible position with regard to both the competition and the pressures of the market.

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