Industry backs Meaty March campaign

Industry backs Meaty March campaign

Members of the industry have shown their support for Meat Management’s Twitter campaign, Meaty March.

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The campaign was created with the aim of combating the negative narrative surrounding the meat industry by dispelling any misinformation surrounding the industry.

Having been up and running for over three weeks, the page has already had the backing of major industry bodies, including AHDB, the Q Guild of Butchers, LMC and the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS).

Tony Goodger, a spokesperson from AIMS, said: “Our focus is to challenge the negatives around meat consumption, and we are tired of hearing broadcasters suggest that non-meat diets are healthier than balanced diets. For this reason, The Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS) are fully supportive of Meaty March and will be encouraging our members to support the initiative.

“Meaty March will provide the whole of the meat industry with an opportunity to promote the benefits of meat and poultry in the diet as well as to challenge the notion that plant based diets are somehow better for a person’s health.”

Claire Holland from the Q Guild of Butchers also commented: “Meaty March is an inspired idea and one which provides butchers with an added and continued opportunity to talk about quality and reliable sourcing of meat.”

“It’s great to see members of the industry coming together to fight back against all the nonsense that is published about our industry.”

Colin Smith, industry development manager for the Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland, also commented: “LMC is delighted to be supporting the Meaty March initiative, this will give an opportunity to bring focus to the important health and environmental messages associated with red meat.

“Meaty March is a great opportunity to bust any myths and accurately inform consumers about the sustainable practices used across the UK to produce a wholesome and nutritious product, which is beneficial to human health. We will be supporting the initiative on social media and encouraging consumers to back beef and love lamb by trying new recipes and therefore simply enjoy the great taste of beef and lamb.”

Meat Management editor, Pam Brook, commented on the early success of the movement: “It’s great to see members of the industry coming together to fight back against all the nonsense that is published about our industry.

“This page will continue to act as a platform for farmers, butchers and suppliers to share positive messages about the industry, as well as working with the wider industry to make sure people are well-informed about the true health and environmental impact of the meat-eating.”

Be sure to follow @MeatyMarch2020 on Twitter to have your say on the industry and to help combat the negative narrative.

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