Industry group’s support for revised carcase evaluation system

Industry group’s support for revised carcase evaluation system

Carcase classification was the hot topic during a meeting held at Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales’ headquarters.

A discussion group consisting of producers, processors, retailers, government and farming union representatives convened to explore the possibility of introducing automated carcase evaluation technologies to the industry.

Dr Julie Finch, Corporate Strategy and Policy Manager at HCC said: “The current carcase classification system is based on the EUROP grid. This visual assessment process is subjective and as such it can lead to variable results.

“The group gathered to discuss other possible systems that would incentivise producers and meet the requirements of consumers and the wider supply chain. According to HCC Chairman Dai Davies it was very encouraging that there was unanimous support for a revised system with a transparent and objective approach to carcase evaluation.

“A number of key areas for consideration were identified, but the main conclusion was the need for a collaborative industry approach towards moving to an automated objective assessment process and a payment system based on meat yield.”

The next step will be for a newly formed subgroup to take forward the initial discussions and potential concepts with the Welsh Government and other funding bodies.

Potential long-term actions may include a need to identify new automated technologies and alter the current systems; develop a system that can work in tandem with the proposed new process until it is fully established; and educating producers and consumers on the appearance and fat content of red meat.

“Whilst we will need to be realistic about the timescales needed to develop a fair and objective system, the ideas discussed during the meeting were very exciting and could lead to huge benefits for red meat producers in Wales.”

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