JBS joins global coalition for low-carbon livestock production

JBS joins global coalition for low-carbon livestock production

Global meat producer JBS Global has become a signatory of the First Movers Coalition for Food.

JBS has joined the First Movers Coalition for Food, as it said it is strengthening its commitment to drive global development in low-carbon livestock.

The initiative, led by the World Economic Forum with support from the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and 19 other companies, aims to accelerate agricultural methods, technologies and sustainable production, driving the global development of low-carbon agricultural products. This is intended to be achieved by creating a value chain among coalition members targeting the acquisition of up to $20 billion worth of low-carbon emission products.

The First Movers Coalition for Food builds upon the First Movers Coalition for Industry, launched at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, by US President Joe Biden and the World Economic Forum in 2021.

Jason Weller, JBS Global CEO, said: “Food systems are crucial for meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement — both limiting and adapting to global warming — while also feeding a growing world population. The demand for sustainably-produced agricultural commodities can support the transition to a low-carbon economy in agriculture and food value chains.”

The coalition is comprised of leading agribusiness companies, value chain partners, farmer organisations and researchers alongside Governments to enhance existing food systems. To drive the sustainable methods and agricultural technologies, fostering demand for low-carbon products, the newly launched initiative aims to create aggregated market demand for sustainable production agricultural commodities by 2030.

According to the World Economic Forum, the participating companies in the coalition represent a combined revenue of $2.1 trillion with global operations. These are companies acknowledging the need for more sustainable practices and innovation in food production systems.

Starting from the second half of December 2023, the World Economic Forum, participating companies and Governments will collaborate to identify commitments and pathways to support and mobilise the ecosystem enabling this transformation. The coalition is expected to publish initial collaborative work results in the second half of 2024.

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