Karro exits the DAPP but will others follow?

Karro exits the DAPP but will others follow?

Major pork processor, The Karro Group has notified that, it too, along with Cranwick, has withdrawn its participation in the voluntary Dead Weight Average Pig Price (DAPP) sample.

BPEX along with AHDB Market Intellgence said whilst it will reduce the sample size, their analysis leaves them confident that the remaining seven participants are still representative and bolstering the sample size is under consideration.

Cranswick withdrew from the DAPP last week. It remains to be seen if the other signficant player, Tulip Ltd will follows suit. Late last week Andrew Saunders, agricultural director for Tulip told Meat Management: “There are no existing plans for Tulip Ltd to exit DAPP and therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further.”Read previous story by clicking here.

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