Kepak celebrates its 10 years of investment in the North East

Kepak celebrates its 10 years of investment in the North East

Kepak Group, a leading Irish food company is celebrating 10 years of continued investment in, and commitment to, the North-East region following its acquisition of McCarren Meats in 2013.

Kepak and McCarren Meats personnel L-R: Simon Walker, Sean Coffey, Robbie Grogan, Peadar Harten, Brian Tormey, Niamh Keating.

Kepak, best known as a primary processor of beef and lamb, diversified into pork production with the acquisition of a majority shareholding in McCarren Meats in 2013 and has invested €13 million in the site structure and processes over that period.

Since 2013, McCarren Meats has grown significantly, with 338 people now employed at the Cavan site, an increase of 30% in the last decade. Kepak has also led the expansion of McCarren Meats’ site capacity and increased throughput by 60%.

Kepak’s contribution of more than €92 million annually to the local economy in the North-East and surrounding counties through pork and bacon producer McCarren Meats can be broken down:

  • €12 million in wages
  • €70 million in livestock purchases (predominantly from pig farmers in the counties adjacent to the border and within a 25km radius of the site)
  • €10 million in support services.

Over the last number of years McCarren Meats has integrated strongly within Kepak Group and is now supplying a wide variety of value-added products across Ireland and the UK.

McCarren Meats has also continued to evolve and is currently exporting to key partners in China, Australia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Speaking on the 10th anniversary, Kepak CEO Simon Walker said: “Kepak’s acquisition of McCarren Meats in 2013 was strategically important in increasing exports and expanding into key markets through diversifying into pork products.  The expansion and ambition of McCarren Meats is a testament to the hard work shown by the dedicated team in the business which continues to grow from strength to strength. Kepak is looking forward to continuing to enhance its commitment to McCarren Meats and the local economy in Cavan over the coming years.”

McCarren Meats’ Cavan site manager Peadar Harten, also commented on the success of the last 10 years stating: “Through aligning with Kepak, McCarren Meats has been able to expand its product offering to a global stage. Kepak’s investment in McCarren Meats has not only been of benefit to the company’s growth but has been a key driver in rejuvenating the local economy of the North-East and its surrounding areas. I would like to thank the team here and the wider Kepak team for the commitment to McCarren Meats. We are excited for the growth opportunities that lay ahead.”

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