KFC businessman and US governor to inspire young poultry professionals

KFC businessman and US governor to inspire young poultry professionals

A business entrepreneur who built KFC into an international success will share his expertise with some of Britain’s most promising young poultry professionals.

John Young Brown Jr, who has also served as Governor of Kentucky, will today be talking to 20 delegates on the Poultry Industry Programme, a joint initiative by the NFU and ABN.

Mr Brown bought the world-famous chicken restaurant chain from its founder Colonel Sanders in 1964 before selling off for a large profit seven years later. He is expected to give advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur and how to take a local product to global markets.

Programme lead and broiler producer Kinsey Hern said: “You don’t get much more successful in the chicken meat industry than what Mr Brown did in turning KFC into such a global brand, and one which is still hugely successful today.

“His immense business acumen is sure to rub off on those taking part in the course and we hope they will learn a lot and be inspired.”

The son of a US congressman, Mr Brown has also owned several professional basketball teams and worked with country and music star Kenny Rogers to set up another chicken restaurant.

The Poultry Industry Programme will run over seven months and aims to give delegates a more in-depth insight into the poultry meat and egg sectors, in the hope of creating future industry leaders.

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