Level 3 Butchery Apprenticeship award under threat

Level 3 Butchery Apprenticeship award under threat

Meat Management understands that the Institute of Apprentices and Technical Education (IfAte) is believed to be considering dropping its Level 3 Butcher Apprenticeship award.

Speaking at the recent Institute of Meat (IoM) Awards, chairman Bill Jermey said: “The situation is that IfAte have not yet made a decision, but are definitely looking to reduce the number of apprenticeships and have strongly intimated that in the current review of the L2 Butcher some aspects of the L3 award can be incorporated, which would mean that the L3 could go.

“However they say the decision lies with employers, not other interested parties.

“After L2, if L3 goes, there is no opportunity for butchers to get recognised qualifications on their way to Master Butcher.

“IfAte argues that the supervision element is not appropriate and they should do a Supervisory apprenticeship instead. Not all agree with that but in any case the L3 standard is in need of an update, just as L2 is going through now, and there is a strong case for including more specific butchery and meat processing skills in the revised standard.”

Employers who see the need for something more that the L2 apprenticeship could contact bill.jermey@instituteofmeat.com

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