Marel upgrades labeller to withstand full washdown

Marel upgrades labeller to withstand full washdown

Marel has revealed that it has upgraded its OCM9500 box and crate labeller with a waterproof chassis and indicator to withstand full washdown to IP69K, subject to the printer being covered or removed.

Introduced at Seafood Processing Global in Brussels, the waterproof OCM9500 box/crate labeller is suitable for automatic weighing and labelling applications in both wet and dry production environments. The unit handles crates and boxes up to 40kg in weight, providing consistent weighing accuracy with automatic zero tracking.

Speed is subject to box size and label print requirement (i.e. eurocrates of 600mm x 400mm size can be automatically weighed and labeled at speeds up to 35 units per minute). Labels can be applied to the front and side of the box by a combination of up to eight label applicators, including print of bar codes, best before dates and product as well as warehouse tracking information. Long print head life contributes greatly to its low running costs.

OCM9500 is fully approved throughout Europe and selected territories for use in weigh price labelling and check-weighing applications. Innova Integration is available to assist control of the packing and dispatch process.

Marel OCM9500 box and crate labeller


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