Meaty March kicks off campaign live on BBC

Meaty March kicks off campaign live on BBC

Meat Management publisher, Graham Yandell, said Meaty March hopes to bring a ‘sensible conversation’ to the debate surrounding the meat industry, as he discussed the Twitter campaign live on BBC Radio Northampton.

Having grown in popularity over the last few weeks, Yandell marked the start of Meaty March by explaining the purpose of the campaign, saying: “It’s just an attempt to put a bit of sensible, intelligent dialogue into the conversation about meat. The simple fact is that 96% people in this country eat meat and 91% of households eat meat. There’s a lot of misinformation which seems to be out there, and so we thought let’s try and get some sensible conversation going about the real truths behind meat-eating.”

When questioned on a supposed backlash from vegan campaigners, Yandell added: “For a start, we’re not Mr Angry. Many of these people are very well intentioned, and my view is that if you don’t want to eat something because it involves killing an animal, that’s fine by me. Most of us don’t have a problem with that. I think it is simply a question of putting back into the conversation a sensible argument that is science based, truthful and balanced debate which has not been the case and so that is what we’re trying to do.

“I think the main thing is that meat, and particularly British meat, is a really important part of a balanced diet and you should not feel guilty in any way for enjoying a product which is good for you and one that we all enjoy.”

Farmers butchers, processors and other members of the industry are encouraged to show their support for the British meat industry by following Meaty March on Twitter and joining in with the discussion by using the hashtag #MeatyMarch2020.

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