Michelin star chef showcases QSM beef and lamb

Michelin star chef showcases QSM beef and lamb

Michelin starred chef Nigel Haworth has teamed up with EBLEX to create a series of fantastic new cookery demonstration videos to support the launch of a range of product development initiatives for Quality Standard Mark (QSM) beef and lamb.

Nigel Haworth on burgers, steak, a chop house range and veal.

Nigel Haworth on burgers, steak, a chop house range and veal.

The videos, which can be viewed on www.eblextrade.co.uk, focus on the ‘Steak Bar’, ‘Chop House’, ‘Gourmet Burger’ and ‘Veal’ ranges launched by EBLEX this year.

Hugh Judd, foodservice project manager for EBLEX, said: “Our new cookery demonstration videos are a great way for us to highlight our new product ranges and bring them to life with the help of Michelin starred chef and Quality Standard Mark Scheme ambassador, Nigel Haworth.

“Nigel is a fantastic chef and came up with lots of recipe ideas using the cuts from our new ranges, which we’ve narrowed down to his top three cuts in each video. Nigel is an avid supporter of our new product ranges and is using a number of the cuts, including the Flat Iron steak, on his own menus in his establishments.”

Nigel said: “I’m really impressed with the work EBLEX has done to create these new product ranges – they open up some really new and exciting opportunities to create fantastic dishes.”

Steak Bar/Excellence in Steak
The two steak ranges offer caterers and retailers new cut ideas and provide more product consistency in the market. Nigel said: “A good steak has to be my favourite thing. There is so much choice I could have a different one every day. The Flat Iron steak, for example, is a great cut of meat.”

Nigel presents:
Picanha steak with triple cooked chips, modern béarnaise sauce with tarragon

Flat Iron steak with chargrilled little gem lettuce and heirloom tomatoes

Denver steak, caramelised onion and marrowbone
Click here for the video.

Chop House
The Chop House range brings back flavours of the past for enhanced succulence and taste in both foodservice and retail outlets. Nigel said: “Cooking meat on the bone adds a whole new dimension to the flavour. It’s popular in the States and is now heading our way. The most exciting thing about the Chop House range is how simple it is to retain the depth of flavour within the meat.”

Nigel presents:
Porterhouse steak with King Oyster mushrooms

Three bone shoulder rack served on Anna potato with roasted onions

Veal chop with thyme herb butter, anchovies, capers and slow cooked duck egg
Click here for the video.

Gourmet Burger
The Gourmet Burger range adds value to the mince and burger market and introduces new flavours, concepts and ideas. Nigel said: “Take a walk around big cities like London and gourmet burgers have got people queuing down the street. Gone is the fast food reputation – the burger bug is here and premium meat is on the menu.”

Nigel presents:

Spicy lamb burger on a pitta bread with fine cut chips

Veal burger with cream spinach and kidneys and hand baked crisps

21 day aged beef burger with cheese and pickled cucumber served on a toasted muffin with smoked pig’s jowl, crispy onions and twice cooked rustic chips
Click here to see video.

The veal range introduces new cuts with delicate flavours to the market. Nigel said: “The special thing about veal is its delicate flavour. It’s popular in Europe and the UK is cottoning on fast. In fact, the UK is producing some of the finest veal I’ve ever tasted.”

Nigel presents:

Osso Buco braised shin of veal in braised tomatoes and root vegetables

Flat Iron steak with aubergine and paprika with a delicate Espuma sauce

Daube of veal, slow cooked with mushrooms and chicken stock.
Click here for video.

A further two videos will be launched later in the year for the ‘Carvery’ and ‘Lamb’ ranges.

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