Ministry apologises for sausage blunder

Ministry apologises for sausage blunder

Germany’s interior Ministry has apologised after admitting it served blutwurst (pork sausage), at an event about Islam last week.

Blutwurst is a dish similar to black pudding.

Dishes of blutwurst, a dish similar to black pudding, was served during the meeting in Berlin, which was arranged to review how to integrate Islam into German society. There are around five million Muslims in Germany.

An image of the sausages soon found its way onto social media after a journalist tweeted and wrote: ‘What kind of sign is Seehofer’s ministry trying to set out here? A little respect for Muslims who don’t eat pork would be appropriate.’

The ministry said that the blutwurst was one of 13 items on offer and was served to reflect the ‘religious-pluralistic’ nature of the meeting, adding ‘but if any individuals felt aggrieved on religious grounds we regret this.’

The interior minister Horst Seehofer caused controversy only six-months ago when he said that Islam ‘did not belong to Germany’. One industry observer commented: “With the country struggling to accommodate a substantial influx of Muslims, this latest ‘sausage blunder’ puts added pressure on the minister to resign.”

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