Miss Scotland and local famers show some love for Scotch Lamb PGI

Miss Scotland and local famers show some love for Scotch Lamb PGI

Shoppers out and about in towns all across Scotland this week were tempted with fresh, tasty Scotch Lamb PGI as part of a brand new initiative from Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), NFU Scotland and the National Sheep Association Scotland. ‘Love Scotch Lamb’ has been promoting Scotch Lamb throughout the country in a bid to showcase its versatility and ease of cooking.

MIss Scotland and QMS at Tesco in Inverness.

MIss Scotland and QMS at Tesco in Inverness.

The initiative has focused on ‘Love Scotch Lamb Weekend’ and local farmers along with the stunning Miss Scotland, Ellie McKeating, were out in force in towns across the country to remind the public that Scottish farmers not only produce some of the best tasting lamb in the world, but it’s being reared right here on their doorstep!

To reinforce the message to buy local and embrace Scottish produce, samples of tasty Scotch Lamb were cooked BBQ style and given out for consumers to try.

The PGI status of Scotch Lamb is another aspect which the ‘Love Scotch Lamb’ initiative aims to highlight. Looking for the PGI logo when buying meat products guarantees provenance, production methods, welfare standards, taste and superior quality ensuring you get the best meat possible.

Suzie Carlaw, Marketing Controller from Quality Meat Scotland said: “This initiative is a great way to show people that Scotch Lamb isn’t just for a Sunday roast – it can be eaten any day of the week. Its versatility and ease of cooking means that even a busy working mum can still cook a Scotch Lamb dinner mid-week with no fuss.

“There may be some shoppers who have never tried Scotch Lamb before or have never considered it as an option when cooking. We want to get them to give it a go and see for themselves just how delicious it tastes and how easily it can be incorporated into family meals.”

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