Multivac launches ‘next generation Thermoformer’ at open day

Multivac launches ‘next generation Thermoformer’ at open day

Multivac has unveiled its recently developed X-line RX 4.0, the next generation in thermoforming technology, during an open day event at its Swindon showroom.

Visitors across the industry were invited to the company’s newly modernised showroom on 26th and 27th September for an exclusive viewing of the X-line Thermoformer.

Billed as a “revolutionary step” in packaging machine technology, the new machine addresses many of the critical issues that the food manufacturers are facing.

X-line machine.

With the adoption of connected technology, switchpoint compensation and smart services, it automatically sets itself up and continually optimises its operating parameters, effectively de-skilling tasks that were previously only achievable by fully trained experts.

Risk reduction, audit trail provision and ease of operation have also been addressed with the utilisation of unique personnel identification, whilst the machine will continue to operate for any but a critical fault occurrence, thus minimising waste, as well as reducing the likelihood of producers shorting their customers.

Alongside the launch of the machine, Multivac showcased a full range of product demonstrations including full line integration and automation, new cutting systems, compact packaging to processing solutions.

The open day event also included industry relevant guest speakers, and opportunity for one on one product consultations.

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