New Danish poultry forum

New Danish poultry forum

EuroDan Poultry Forum (EDPF) is a new non-governmental organisation, founded by a group of poultry producers and companies in Denmark and other EU countries.

EDPF claims it has completely different or partly different political views about the framework conditions in relation to the companies represented by Danish Poultry Meat Association.

EuroDan Poultry Forum says it is of the opinion that it should be acceptable and legal to arrange special contracts between companies who wish to produce and trade based on special levels according to quality and food safety and EuroDan Poultry Forum finds it acceptable if EU countries on a national level support such an arrangement.

Current practice, which is administered by the Danish Poultry Council, is that the portion of production which pays production levies in accordance with Danish law, even in proportional amounts, can expect professional and similar assistance in solving various tasks, whether delivering or trading together with Danish or other EU companies. EuroDan Poultry Forum would therefore work closely with the Danish Poultry Council.

Companies and individuals within the EU joining EuroDan Poultry Forum and accepting its objectives and work may be admitted as members.

EuroDan Poultry Forum is managed by an interim leadership and says it will be transferred to a democratically elected leadership by the end of 2012 latest. EDPF can be contacted by email:

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